About Us

Who We Are?

The Bin Hamoodah family is centered around strong family values with a commitment to maintain the rich Arabian culture combined with the diverse community that surrounds it. Its contribution towards the growth of the UAE dates back as far as four generations.

It all started with the Bin Hamoodah Company, originally founded in 1967, and rapidly grew over a span of 50 years through a diversified portfolio of investments in different sectors mainly in Abu Dhabi.

H.E. Faraj Ali Bin Hamoodah, the Founding Partner and Chairman of the Bin Hamoodah Company, along with his sons, established in 2010 Faraj Bin Hamoodah Holding to become the private investment company for his family.

Since 2010, Faraj Bin Hamoodah Holding has developed its investment portfolio and currently has several associates and direct investments in a diverse range of industries and sectors, including Industrial, Oil and Gas, Real Estate, Education, Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Agriculture, IT among others.

Faraj Bin Hamoodah Holding’s continuous success and growth is the result of the combination of a sound corporate governance and a strong management team supported by a visionary board of directors.

Today, Faraj Bin Hamoodah Holding enjoys a successful corporate culture where the founders and the new generation work together in harmony enhancing the business to become one of the leading family owned companies in the UAE and the region.

Faraj Bin Hamoodah Holding is a major stakeholder in the Bin Hamoodah Group.

Board Members

Our Core Values

Faraj Bin Hamoodah Holding is a family organisation, welcoming a workforce from all over the world. All our portfolio companies and future ones share our core values using the following elements as the cornerstone for our business.


To unite our team members from around the world and create an innovative, exciting and rewarding workplace where everyone is inspired to perform their very best.


To grow a strong investment portfolio that places the UAE competitivley in the global market.


To form and sustain a profitable network with the intention of delivering high value products and services.


To help build, nurture and support the community towards a sustainable future.