Investing to create lasting value for our future generations

Creating new investments for a sustainble economy

Investing in our community to build a better future for everyone

A diversified portfolio of investment in different sectors including real estate, education, oil and gas, hospitality, F & B, industrial among others.

Faraj Bin Hamoodah Holding invests directly through Wise Investment in a portfolio of companies and global financial market.

Faraj Bin Hamoodah Holding invests in a diversified  porfolio of companies. covering a wide variety industries.

Chairman's Message

Abu Dhabi and the UAE as a whole became a part of the global market. Businesses all over the world are now propelled to be more competitive and creative to meet the recent unprecedent increase in similarity and sophistication of the multinational customers’ expectations.

With a clear vision and a formal corporate governance in process, we are preparing the second generation, taking into consideration the new changes in the market to become one of the major players in the local and international economies.

As the Chairman of Faraj Bin Hamoodah Holding, entrusted by the Shareholders, I look forward to keeping our journey to excellence, aligning all stakeholders’ interests with our investment and business objectives, promoting growth, and considering our corporate social responsibilities.

Investment Portfolio

Faraj Bin Hamoodah Holding is a well-established investment & holding company with a fast expanding investment portfolio across a diverse range of industries and sectors. Through our Direct Investments and our Associates we are dedicated to consistently expand and develop our portfolio.

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